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Singer (M) looking for committed band in Wageningen

My name's Bart, I'm Dutch, and I am looking for a band to sing with :)

I've been in a wide variety of bands; from Delta Blues mixed with House beats to Punk and the regular Pop. I've made making music into my profession, but with everything becoming so official I miss the jams and just 'playing for fun' with some like-minded people.

I'm open to singing in almost any kind of genre, really. The more unusual or experimental the better, from vintage jazz to DnB. I am committed, will enjoy to practice weekly where possible and perform on stage every now and then, like every half a year or something along those lines. So I'm looking for a band with band members who have the same kind of mindset and commitment.

I hope we'll be able to connect, enjoy each other's company, and make some cool music together! If you want to know what my voice sounds like, you can find me on Spotify by looking for Bart Zeal.

Interested? Get in touch!

– Bart Zeal

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