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I’m Noah. I’m the guitarist and producer for The Last Element (2.000.000+ total streams on Spotify and 20.000+ monthly listeners.) I’m based in Nijmegen and I’m looking for dedicated artists that want to take their recordings to a professional level. I’m Dutch, but I’m writing in English, since non-Dutch speaking artists are welcome too of course!

I produce in the genres Pop, Rock, Punk, Metal and everything in between; basically as long as it’s not fully electronic. Since I’ve only recently started offering my services to other bands my portfolio is still quite humble, but that also means my prices are still quite attractive! ;p

I’ll link a few of my recent productions and my social media below, so you can check everything for yourself. Please e-mail me at noahgrim@gmail.com if you’re interested or just want to have a chat!
I’d love to hear from you!

The Last Element: https://spoti.fi/3GKIn0Q (Metal)

GINGE - Just Friends: https://bit.ly/3izd3Ym (Acoustic)

Teach Me How To Love Again: https://bit.ly/3CRO2iI (Rock)

Let’s Pretend: https://bit.ly/3x08BYE (Pop)

My Instagram: https://bit.ly/3xHcces

– Noah

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